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Getting to the top of Search Engine results is what SEO is all about.  Your Website has to be found by potential customers looking for the types of products and services you sell, or your totally missing the boat and the potential for growing your business.

Organic SEO Techniques

There are many different ways to achieve good results in Search Engines.  However, most of those are very costly.  It is not uncommon for SEO efforts to cost thousands of dollars per month to reach top 10 results with many factors to take into consideration. 

Harvest Website Design Group utilizes totally organic SEO methods which means a  strategy that not only saves you money, but also allows us to provide you with solid and lasting results.

Read more about SEO below:

Keyword Selection                    Content Writing                    Search Engine Registration         

Social Site Integration               Local Business Directories

Keyword Selection

Keywords are words or phrases that people type into a Search Engine such as Google.  Using sophistocated keyword analysis tools we help you choose keywords that will rank high in Search Engine results putting your Website where your customers can find you!

Content Writing

The textual content on each page of your website is an important element that must convey a message that is easily understood by the Search Engines in order to be placed properly in search results.  Search Engines must be able to decide what your Website is about in order to place it in the correct category.

Our team of experts will help you write clear, concise textual content that will be well balanced with the proper keywords you have selected for your Website.

Search Engine Registration

Your Website will be registered with all of the most popular Search Engines including:

           Google     Bing     Yahoo     Ask     AOL     and many more...

Social Site Integration

The real power of Social Media comes from building relationships with the millions of users that frequent these sites on a daily basis.  Establishing an online presence in sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In can produce a steady following to your site that will help your Website gain the exposure needed to grow your business.

That is where Harvest Website Design Group comes in!  We create the pages on many of these Social Media Websites for you.  These pages will help the users of these social sites find your website which means many more people viewing the products and services you are selling.  That means more sales!

Local Business Directory Listings

Today, Search Engines are using technology that is able to pinpoint your location.  They then take that information to return Search Engine Results based upon your specific location. 

For example:  If you were to type Used Cars into Google's Search Engine, your results are more likely to return Car Dealers in your general vacinity.  The same is true for people that are looking for your products and services.

To take advantage of this location specific Search Engine technology, your business and Website must be registered with all of the Local Business Directories.

Harvest Website Design Group will register your Website with the top Business Directories in your area to make sure people in your area will find you easily! 
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